The Process

Depending on what type of case is involved, at the first meeting the Issues to Discuss will be agreed upon, such as the temporary housing arrangement, payment of bills, spousal or other support. If minor children are involved, the parents will agree on a possession schedule for the child and the terms of their Parenting Plan. 

If the case involves a divorce, the parties, with the Mediator’s assistance, will identify all their assets and liabilities, agree on values, determine the extent of liabilities, and, finally, agree on a Property Division.

As agreements are reached during each session, I will prepare a Memorandum of Agreements so that each party will be clear about what agreements were made. Also, during each session, it is likely that assignments will be made, such as obtaining appraisals, listing of assets and liabilities, a proposed possession schedule, etc.

Once a final agreement has been reached on all issues, depending on what type of case is involved, there are many options regarding the final paperwork and ending of the controversy. These options will be presented to the parties, discussed and agreed upon, then implemented. For example, if the dispute involves a divorce with children, there are several options to consider:

  1. I can prepare the Parenting Plan and Mediated Settlement Agreement that can be reviewed by an attorney for each party on an hourly rate, and one of the attorneys can prepare the Marital Settlement Agreement to be reviewed by the other. One attorney would file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and the other would respond. One would prepare the Decree for review by the other.
  2. I can prepare the Parenting Plan and Marital Settlement Agreement and Decree of Dissolution, and each party can have these reviewed by an attorney of their choice.
  3. If both parties decide to not involve attorneys, one can file Pro Se (which means representing oneself), and I can prepare all the paperwork and one party can drop off the paperwork at the court for approval of the Judge and entry. The court will advise the parties when copies of the final Decree is ready to be picked up.